Quick and easy activities teachers or TLs can implement in their classroom, library, or school. For more information on these quickies follow the links to relevant pages.

Free Voluntary Reading

Provide time for students to read daily: books, magazines, comics of their choice. Give them access to lots of reading material.
This time needs to have NO assessment, record keeping or reward associated with it.


Organize a party to celebrate the release of a book-to-movie to get kids excited. Shut down the school or library for an afternoon and organize a reading party. Allow students to bring snacks, stuff animals, pillows, and blankets for a faux "sleepover" reading party.


Student Book Recommendations


After reading a good book, students can write book recommendations for their peers to read. Recommended books can be placed in a special basket or add a sticker to make it easy for interested readers to find the books. When books are recommended to others, they often become popular commodities! One solution is to allow students to place the book they are waiting for "on hold" at the library.

Or have a bin labeled grade favourites!


Sponsor fun contests:
  • Guess the genre of these books displayed.
  • Dress up like your favourite book character.
  • Use photos with faces of the reader covered by a favourite book. Guess who is reading this book.Use staff readers.
  • Hold a staff reading contest
  • Who Read What? Create a display of books teachers read as a child and have students match title to teacher!

Get Caught Reading Photos


Digital cameras are great for catching staff and students reading. Add images to your website (with appropriate permission) or post on school news pages. If you have a digital photo frame, create a slide show of reader photos for your library.

Book Talks

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Have a few books on hand for instant book-talks. Grab a title and as students are waiting to come in or leave the library or your classroom, book talk the book: give a little bit of a set up...then read from the book...end with a teaser.
Hint: don't allow the book to go out during the class, expect that a really interested reader will return for the book.

Shelf talking to a group of students who are hanging around the stacks trying to find a good book. You know the books you like and you know how to select a book by reading the blurb. Even if you haven't read the title share what you think will make it a good read.