Building a Reading Culture: A Digital Workshop Handout



Schools are the ground where our future citizens are grown. To produce the best citizens we must encourage a desire for learning, communication and taking action. If we are able to build a Culture of Reading in classrooms and in schools we will have more successful and more literate citizens in the future.
This Building a Culture of Reading workshop will help you lead your class and your school toward an environment of learners who love reading.

Attention Literacy Leaders!

This is where literacy starts. Creating a Culture of Reading must be the foundation of your work. Literacy leaders in the library or in the classroom must be responsible for helping build the culture of reading in their school. Start small and watch the Culture of Reading grow.

How to's

1. Increase classroom library size and increase library collection size.
2. Introduce Free Voluntary Reading where access to books and time to read are guaranteed.
3. Promote reading with ideas from our Quickies page.


Growing a Reading Culture Slideshare

Developing a Culture of Reading Using Technology
is a LiveBinder collection of links to technology resources created by Joanne de Groot.

Creating a culture of reading in high school: Student book clubs work
A 2009 slideshow presentation by BC teacher-librarian Bonnie McComb which focuses on reasons and ideas for implementing book clubs in high school classrooms.

Recommended Reading


Free Voluntary Reading
by Stephen Krashen (2011). Santa Barbara CA: Libraries Unlimited
A collection of readings presenting the progress and power of Free Voluntary Reading over the last ten years.

The power of reading: Insights from the research.
by Stephen Krashen (2004). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann.
Krashen states his case for the value of free voluntary reading by presenting research on the role of the school and the public library, the need for print-rich environment, and the use of incentive programs for reading.

The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child
by Donalyn Miller (2009). SanFrancisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
This is a comprehensive look at one teacher's experiences with creating a reading culture in her classroom. It gives examples, strategies, rationales, and tips, and also links to online resources.


Share a Story - Shape a Future: building a community of readers one person at a time
This is a collaborative blog by librarians, teachers, parents, illustrators, authors and more. It was created as a venue to share ideas.

The Book WhispererDonalyn Miller's blog in Education Week Teacher is written to help others inspire and motivate readers. She writes about many literacy issues teachers and literacy leaders face.

Jen Robinson's Book Page Jen Robinson's blog promotes the love of reading through reviewing children's and young adult books.


Donalyn Miller's FOUR steps to creating a school-wide reading culture
This quick article gives four tips to start creating a school-wide reading culture in you school.

A School-Wide Reading Culture
This article from the National Library of New Zealand gives suggestions for hallways, classrooms, principal's office, etc.

Examining the effects of a school-wide reading culture on the engagement of middle school students.
This article from Research in Middle Level Education Online, written by Erika Daniels and Michael Steres, examines the effect in a middle-school where school-wide reading became the primary focus of the administration, staff, and students.

And look forward to celebrating school wide reading!