A bit about us…We are a group of M. Ed. students with the University of Alberta Teacher-Librarianship Distance Learning (TLDL) program. Our presentation, Building a Reading Culture: A Digital Workshop, is a professional development workshop for teachers and teacher-librarians as part of a series: Everything you need to know to be a literacy leader in your school.

Leslie Holwerda has been teaching for 25 years and is a teacher-librarian in a middle school in Brampton, Ontario. She has been a TL for about 10 years and a student in the TLDL program for just over one year. She feels that a large part of her role as a TL is to work with staff to build a reading culture in the school.

Nicole Shaver is in her fifth year of teaching as a music specialist and classroom teacher at the elementary level in Vernon, BC. She strongly believes that every teacher is a literacy teacher and is deeply interested in the connections between music and literacy. She is three quarters of the way through her program at the U of A.

Hali Hamel has been a teacher at a wonderful K-12 school in Perdue, Saskatchewan for seven years and is in her third year as a teacher-librarian. Her role in the library is a perfect fit for her - she gets to collaborate with teachers, work with students, and promote literacy and life-long learning!

For the past four years, Tu Loan Trieu was a TL in a middle school in Coquitlam, BC. Her TL position lent itself well to being a literacy leader in her school as she was able to work with all stakeholders in the school community to support and build an exciting reading culture in the school. She is currently on an education leave from her district to work on her Masters of TLDL.